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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Najdorf - Petrosian

      Here is another great game from Zurich 1953.  It was played in round 6 and the standings were: 1.Reshevsky 4.5 2-3.Keres & Smyslov 4.0 Najdorf 3.5.  In this round Boleslavsky (tied at 3.0 with Bronstein & Euwe) and Gligoric (tied with Averbakh, Szabo & Taimanov at 2.5) were the only undefeated players and they both lost.
       In this game Najdorf played an original system against Petrosian’s K-Indian that involved the loss of a tempo and sacrifice of the d-Pawn, in an attempt at all costs to preserve his B-pair and small but definite space advantage.  Petrosian made the mistake of depriving himself of the c5 square and gradually drifted into a worse position.  His final mistake was exchanging Qs.
       It’s games like this that make chess look simple.

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