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Friday, April 5, 2013

Chesshood Update

       Chesshood has grown steadily since I first reported on it a few weeks ago.  The bugs have been removed and there are quite a few members playing on it now.  The forums aren’t frequented much though. The playing area is well laid out and there is not a long wait for games.  You start at 1500 and at this point their top rated player is 1700ish and most players appear to fall in the 1400-1600 range. 
       The owner has been working very hard on this site and is giving it a lot of personal attention. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a promising new site.  Good site and I wish the owner success!  Totally FREE.
Connect & Join a fun chess community
Check out some cool chess players profiles
Play correspondence Chess with your friends & fellow members
Share your photos and videos
Create your own group or join others


  1. thank you for your kind review chesshood is growing more rapidly than anticipated we are planning on addig some cool features like team vote chess chess 960 ect ect


  2. It's a great Honour for us!! Thanx. Greetings Thetiger

  3. The next step for THE BROTHERHOOD is to implement FO (Chess960) tournaments.
    www.Chess.com/ has implemented Random Chess(960) by now.

  4. Dear All,

    Most of you probably have never heard of me, my name is Eric and i am Emilie's brother. As you hqve heard; my sister passed in December of 2013, and with her did chesshood. After month of deliberation with my family, and Emilie's, we have decided to reopen chesshood.

    The site is currently been worked on it, we have fixed all the bugs that you guys reported to Emilie and her friend Dexter.

    The community side of the site however will not be featuring as we took the decision to only concentrate on chess.

    Although i can now give you the link on which the site will be accessible from , it won't be for at least the next 2 weeks. I am hoping that in the meantime, you could spread the word

    Chesshood is coming back!

    Thank you for listening I wish you all the best


  5. no where in the world can I find an obituary for Emilie Ropars.She worked for the D.E.A. and supposedly was killed in the line of duty but no where can I find a newspaper article pertaining to this shootout.The DEA has an honor role for officers killed in the line of duty but Emilie is no where to be found on the list.If my friend Emilie Ropars has died somebody has to prove it to me before I believe it

  6. I can't find any evidence that Emilie Ropars ever existed in the first place. If anyone has, please post it here.

  7. According to the State of Florida Chesshood.com was registered as a LLC company in 2011 but it is no longer active and the principles listed are not the Ropers. I traced the address down to a private residence.

  8. I sent a letter to Eric above and asked him why there is no obituary to be found.He told me Emilie was Jewish and that Jewish people don't believe in obituaries!!! Really ? My newspaper is full of jewish obits on a daily basis.He also told me she is buried in Switzerland but a search of gravesites there turns up nothing

    1. The mystery deepens! Was there not some kind of brouhaha with the Ropers on Chesshere some time back or am I mistaken?

    2. Yes there was.Everyone was leaving chesshere for the Ropars site and Emilie joined chesshere to entice people into leaving.Chesshere is now in shambles.It's a haven for chess engines mostly.There are no forums to speak of.Paid membership for cc chess is less than 100.The new admin Dsuttles is a non paying member who mostly conned his way into the position and knows nothing about running a chess site.One should avoid this site at all costs

  9. chessbook.net has opened and it seems cool i think they have a connection to chesshood

  10. chessbook.net has open its correspondence chess serve, you need to register onto chessbook.net to access it. Also they will broadcast live in August the US Masters. They have just finished broadcasting the carolina Juniors Invitational yesterday and that was great

  11. FYI dsuttles is now a paying member of chesshere.com! there are also 2 other admins there. all the best to anyone who ever made a move on chesshood.com