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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fischer – Geller Classic

Soviet GM Yefim Geller was one of the least appreciated of the GM’s of his era. In addition to ranking among the world’s elite players he was known for his tactical ability and brilliant attacking style. In later years he abandoned his youthful aggressiveness and became a more rounded player and, according to Botvinnik, was the best player in the world in the late 1960’s. If you enjoy attacking chess, his games are worthy of examination.  Here’s one of his brilliant wins over Fischer played at Skopje in 1967.


  1. A long time ago I read through a Dover book called "How to Beat Bobby Fischer" by Edmar Mednis. I wish I knew where that book was to see if this game was in it. mednis was a good writer.

  2. Hi!

    Are these your annotations? I am hosting the next "Chess Improvement Blog Carnival" at my site on july 4th.

    I think I will put a link to this post!

    Nice work!

  3. The notes are abbreviated from a couple of sources plus some suggestions from Houdini. For a thoroughly annotated version, it’s game 58 in Fischer’s My 60 Memorable Games. In the introduction to the game, Larry Evans called it a flawed masterpiece and noted this was Fischer’s 3rd loss to Geller.

    The book by Mednis was very well written and easy to understand. I met Mednis at one of the US Championships and remember a group of us having a thoroughly enjoyable time standing on the steps outside the playing hall with him, his wife and small daughter, while he discussed chess and spun a few yarns. He was a genuinely nice guy.

  4. You got to meet Mednis!? :)

    That is a wonderful. He is definitely missed