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Friday, August 30, 2013

Windows 8

      When my laptop’s mother board crapped out Best Buy wanted $400-500 to fix it…that’s more than the computer was worth so it meant a new laptop. Of course you can’t find one without Windows 8 on it, so that’s what I had to get and let me tell you, I positively hate the start screen! Those big icons really are annoying. 
      In addition, Best Buy wanted $90 to salvage the files off the hard drive in the deceased laptop. Can you believe it? The solution was to download a free program that makes the Windows 8 start screen look like Windows 7. There are two (and probably more) free, easy to use programs you can download. See my post on free stuff HERE.
      The solution for the other problem of getting files off my old hard drive was solved by going to Office Max and spending $16 for an Iocell Network 2.5" SATA Enclosure. The device got a couple of crappy reviews on the Office Max website along with one 5-star review. For me, it works great with Windows 8 and I essentially have a 500GB flash drive.

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