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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fun Grob Attack with a Tricky Ending

     The Grob Attack is a gambit unlike anything else in modern chess theory and I like to play it from time to time just for fun. Every basic concept of development and piece placement must be discarded once 1. g4 has been played and this applies both players!
     Accepting the gambit pawn is accepting immediate problems and it has been my experience that players facing the Grob for the first time are most likely to get into trouble in a hurry. In this game my opponent was rated in the mid-1900’s, so he handled the opening very well and I played a very risky continuation that shows one of the disadvantages of the Grob.
After 7...e6
White has lost a lot of time and even more time will be lost extricating the Q from its exposed position. In addition, white’s P’s are a mess and black has a lead in development. That’s why I decided on the N sally 8.Nb5?! just to muddy the waters even though it wasn’t the best. The ending we eventually reached was a really tricky one.

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