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Friday, March 7, 2014

Chess Engine Downloads

ChessOKdotnet offers 35 top engines for free download including Hounidni 2, Deep Rybka 4, Stockfish, Critter V1.1.37, Naum V4.2, Spark V1, etc.
For a rating list consult CCLR 40/40 rating list which includes all engines and is based on over 500,000 games played by over 1,400 programs. Remember when you look at the engines’ ratings, that while many of them can defeat GM's, these rating lists show the relative strength of a chess program compared to others.  You can't compare engine ratings on these lists to the FIDE rating list.

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  1. Nice link Tarta, have uploaded it to, http://dollyknot.com/chess.html with the link name 'ratings' in the chess engines section. Happy to see the engine I use 'Stockfish', in the second spot.