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Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Tarnished Oldie

Sometimes, just for amusement, I like to go back and reminisce over my old games and I came across this one. I remember my opponent was a dentist from Detroit, Michigan. My attack initiated at move 17 wasn’t very dangerous, but I was already mentally committed to it with my previous move. Black let me back in the game at move 19 when he overlooked a discovered attack on his f7. Eventually things settled down to what looked like a draw, but Black thought that with his a and b-Pawns a little further advanced than my g and h-Pawns he might have winning chances. But because of the position of his K and my R, my g-Pawn was able to race to g7 with lightening speed. The game was still a draw when at move 45 Black saw the possibility of a mate and, overcome with joy, didn’t look any further. The result was he missed my 47th move which won the game.

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