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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What Famous Player are You Most Like?

Chessplayer Personality Selector

     Have you ever wondered what famous chess player you most resemble? Of course you have. So here’s a test that will tell you. My result says I am most like Botvinnik and that was no surprise!
     One of the first chess books I ever had and one of two that I can honestly say got thoroughly read was Botvinnik’s 100 Selected Games. The second was like it, Reshevsky’s Best Games; I wore the cover off both books; they were the only ones that ever got that much use. 
Botvinnik 100%
Deep Blue 89%
Morphy 89%
Steinitz 81%
Spassky 77%
Karpov 66%
Kramnik 66%
Kasparov 58%
Short 54%
Nimzovich 43%
Capablanca 39%
Alekhine 39%
Tahl 27%
Fischer 27%
Lasker 24%
Anand 0%

1 comment:

  1. Interesting, I guess. Mine were:
    Nigel Short (100%)
    Paul Morphy (83%)
    Boris Spassky (65%)
    Mikhail Tal (59%)
    Anatoly Karpov (42%)
    Aron Nimzowitch (42%)
    Vladimir Kramnik (42%)
    William Steinitz (42%)
    Alexander Alekhine (36%)
    Garry Kasparov (36%)
    Mikhail Botvinnik (30%)
    Emmanuel Lasker (18%)
    Deep Blue the Supercomputer (0%)
    Jose Capablanca (0%)
    Robert Fischer (0%)
    Viswanathan Anand (0%)
    Now, if only my chess were like any of them. :-(