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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chess Assistant Lite

Screen Shot of Version 7

 Chess Assistant is a database program that allows you to organize databases, conduct opening training, analyze games, play against the computer and view electronic media. The Lite version is available free from ChessOK. The latest is version 12 and has quite a few restrictions, but is still a very useful program; it can be downloaded from ChessOK HERE.      Possibly a better option is the older Version 7 which can also be downloaded free from ChessOK HERE.
     There are some advantages to using this older version because you can work around some of the limitations, but the program will not run if you are using Windows 8. You can install stronger free UCI engines and the best thing is, you can bypass the 15,000 game limit on the databases by simply right clicking on the database file in Windows Explorer and select opening the file with CA Lite. 
     For more helpful hints using CA Lite, version 7, visit Zarkon Fischer’s web page HERE.

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