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Friday, January 24, 2014

My Third Non-chess Post-Facebook

     I’m not a big fan of Facebook. Several years ago my wife set me up with an account. I don’t post on it, but read it occasionally. I managed to connect with a couple of old friends from my days in the military and occasionally see something of interest, but beyond that it’s not very important to me. But some people seem to live on it and I do wonder about some of the stuff I’ve seen people post.
     I know everybody thinks their kids are cute, but I don’t want to see pictures of them every time I sign on. And who wants to see a picture of what you cooked for dinner? The first impression I had of the last picture I saw of somebody’s dinner was that their dog puked on the floor.

Selfies: I blocked one young man who posted selfies nearly every day. I don’t want to see his ugly face staring at me every time I sign on to Facebook.
Religion: I don’t think I have to constantly post stuff on Facebook to prove what a “spiritual” Christian I am.
Vacations: I’m OK with people posting a few pictures after they get back, but is it wise to plaster the fact that you’re vacationing down South and won’t be back until next week all over the Internet?
Singing: I have a lot of Facebook friends who think they can sing; they can’t.
Politics: Another friend is constantly posting anti-gun control, anti-Obama and anti-everything else. I can read the Huffington Post, the National Association for Gun Rights, etc, etc, too; I’m not a big fan of political cartoons either.
Personal Problems: A friend recently posted a complaint because, like Rodney Dangerfield, they “don’t get no respect.” Get over it and move on! A while back one guy was having a "Facebook fight" with his kids. Naturally there were a whole lot of people who took sides.
Spam. One person posted a whole gaggle of stuff all in a row: a (funny?) Youtube video, an obituary, a basketball video, kids (relatives) dancing, how to separate an egg, a video of some criminal on Youtube, somebody complaining about politics in Detroit, somebody dirty dancing, two videos of Michelle Obama, a man singing, a Tyler Perry video, a video of police miscreants, a request for donations for somebody’s funeral, a video of a commercial, a Paula Deen recipe for peanut butter cookies, another video about violence in Detroit (this person, by the way, does NOT live in Detroit), a video about some kid whose mom only had one eye, a recipe for something that looks like dog puke, a video of some idiot with a Halloween wig and teeth acting stupid, a video of a guy trying to lift weights, an inspirational saying for women, a pineapple pound cake recipe, a TD Jakes video, the trailer of a new movie, a picture of a woman’s panties hanging on an electric line, a video about how to treat people, a chicken recipe…I can’t go on.

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  1. Amazing...we have the same friends.