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Monday, January 20, 2014

Alekhine vs. Junge, Prague 1942

I have posted about Klaus Junge before HERE. The following fascinating game between Alekhine and Junge was played at Prague, 1942 and has been analyzed by such greats as Alekhine, Fine, Pachman and Dvoretsky & Yusupov.

The final standings were:
1-2. Alekhine 8.5
1-2. Junge 8.5
3. Foltys 7
4-5. Opocensky 6.5
4-5. Zita 6.5
6. Kottnauer 6
7. Rejfir 5.5
8-10. Hromadka 4
8-10. Podgorny 4
8-10. Thelen 4
11. Saemisch 3
12. Prokop 2.5

This was the first big event that GM Ludek Pachman ever witnessed and of Junge, Pachman wrote, that he was “a tall, slender youth with sincere eyes who, at the age of nineteen, had already attained a higher level of play than many present-day grandmasters, was a modest and likeable person…My brother was still in a concentration camp after three years, and I had already been subjected to an interrogation by the Gestapo. For more than four hours, I watched the slender youth, the feelings of a chess player attracting me to him. At the same time I knew he was the symbol of something I could never like. Such feelings were shared by the great majority of the spectators, feelings that expressed themselves in a rather naive form of pan-Slavism. For us, Alekhine was neither the world champion nor an emigre. Nor was he a person enjoying the protection of the rulers of this part of the world. He was first and foremost a Slav and therefore one of us." Edward Winter has published a photo (entry #3534) of the participants on his website HERE.

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