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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Opening or Defense Should You Play?

      There is an interesting Webpage I recently came across on opening statistics. These statistics show the percentages of games won by white and black and the amount of games drawn from over 2 million games for 60 of the most common openings and 230 further variations of those openings. This page should give you a good idea of what openings and variations are the most successful for white and black. There is also a written summary below the table that summarizes all the best and worst variations in the table. As well as that there are lists of the top 10 best and worst openings for white and black and the most and least drawn openings.
      Of course results depend on a lot of factors, skill and knowledge being a couple of big ones, but if you just want to go by database statistics, take a look at the chart. Of course the results are probably skewed by the inclusion of games by low rated players, but that doesn’t matter because few of us will be meeting GM’s any time soon.

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