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Saturday, June 2, 2012

ChessOK Aquarium...again

I am still fiddling around with the IDeA function and have come to the conclusion this program stinks! It’s not intuitive or user friendly like Fritz PLUS I frequently get crashes and a couple of times have had to use Task Manager to shut the stupid program down when it seems to get hung up. The $35 (or whatever it was) I frittered away on the program also stings a little bit. Even though it’s not all that much money, I could have bought a new weed whacker instead.

EDIT: Here it is three weeks after the original post and I am still messing around trying to figure out how to use this stupid, stupid program.  It seems  even doing the simplest things  takes an extraordinary amount of effort.  The program is extremely cumbersome and unless I am really a dunce, difficult to master!  Spend your money on Fritz instead...everything is simple and easy to learn.

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