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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Alekhine Slept Here

Alekhine's Chateau
You can stay at Alekhine’s old chateau in France. After WW2 it was purchased from his widow and turned into a hotel.  To stay in Alekhine’s room, with breakfast for two, will cost you about $100 a night. That’s pretty good considering a night at the Marriott in New York City will set you back over $350; they don’t serve breakfast, but a Sunday brunch costs $59 per person.  Of course New York is pretty pricey. Here in Butt Crack where I live you can stay at the Ramada Inn for $80 and eat breakfast at McDonalds.

Homes of other famous players:
Blackburne's in London
Bogoljubow's in Berlin
Morphy's in New Orleans
Fred Reinfeld's in East Meadow NY
Reubinstein's in Brussels
Tartajubow's Cahteau in Butt Crack

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