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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reflections on becoming a Master

…by Kevin Spraggett talks about his thoughts on what it takes to reach the magic 2200 level.  A chess master is a very competent player who has not only achieved the firm UNDERSTANDING that the game of chess is actually a series of 'mini-games' (ie opening, middlegame, endgame) , each with its own very distinct characteristics, but has also achieved the ABILITY to construct his own chess game from these very same elements. 

Points: 1) Anyone can do it 2) Motivation is important 3) training sessions to be not less than two hours each, and preferably not when you are tired 4) Many players 'choke' at a certain level and have difficulties getting to the next because they have too much information in their heads! They get confused... With this in mind, limit the number of books you have until you become a master!  5) Knowing the characteristics of the board is extremely important. Books spend too much time on the pieces, not realizing that much is missed by neglecting a closer study of the relationship of the board with each separate piece. 6) Stay away from passive but solid positions. Think dynamically! Be prepared to play positionally inferior positions that offer some chances of counterplay. 7) The Critical Point concept has been very little dealt with in chess literature, but is quickly becoming one of the most important ideas in modern chess. 8) Don't waste your time during a game, be practical. In chess the important thing is to apply what you know…it is important to understand that during a game of chess we do not learn things...we apply things we know (I keep stressing this). You learn at home…

Sounds simple enough!  Link to Article

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