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Friday, September 2, 2011

Latest Version of Houdini is Out!

Thanks, again, to reader Kirk for advising that the latest version of Houdini is out. 
New features include:
Improved analysis by saving hash to a file.  This allows you to reload and continue the analysis later
Position learning. Saves analysis in a database that it will reuse in future analysis.
Strength limit feature allows you to lower its skill level in case you want to play against it at lower settings.
Fischer Random Chess
Mate search allows you to fix a limit on the search depth during a mate search.
Pro version is available for “high-end users with powerful hardware.”  This probably means titled CC players and the wannabes will now be using this version.
Improved strength of 25 points for the standard version and 40 points for the Pro version.
And…somehow probably relating to the downfall of Rybka, Houdini’s developer, Robert Houdart, is now charging for the new version…that means it’s no longer free.
The standard version is about $57 and the pro version is approximately $85. I don’t blame Mr. Houdart for trying to make money of his product, but I’m not going to buy it.  None of the new features interest me and the few extra points in strength are meaningless because I’m not going to be playing CC at the highest levels anyway and when it comes to analyzing my games or playing through GM games with an engine 40-80 points aren’t going to make much difference. 

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  1. I think you are right. It may not be his best move here. I think today few will purchase engines unless maybe they are under $20. I will consider Shredder, though, as we are also getting a very nice GUI with it. So that is one exception. And one can always find the previous years Fitz and gui for a relative bargain.

    And so far in tests it does not look like it is a significant increase of ELO