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Friday, September 9, 2011

From My Archives

      After completing an “advanced level” book on endings and playing over several hundred games in the old Informants while trying to guess the next move I had seen my percentage of correct guesses jump from about 20-25% to around 70%.  It was time to try my luck in tournament play so it was off to the big city…Chicago…for a weekender.        
      This game was one against a player who was one of four victims, all rated over 1800, that resulted in me going into the last round with a 4-0 score.  That’s when I met Chicago legend Morris Giles; he mopped up the board with me. I guess to beat 2400’s you have to be able to guess better than 70%. I remember Giles was very pleasant and patiently went over our last round game and offered some good advice.

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