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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MacFarland Publishing

       I’ve not been posting much mostly due to real life activities and keeping busy with my CC tournaments.  But even those have suffered.  In a recent game my opponent played Ng5 attacking my Q on f7.  After some thought I concluded I should play …Qd7 followed by …Nf6, so that’s what I did: played …Nf6.  But that was before moving the Q so after he took my Q on f7 there was no choice but to resign.  I can’t remember the last time I played such a grossly bad move.
      Anyway, the other day I got a nice catalog in the mail from MacFarland Publishers; they publish books on about every subject you can think of and their collection of chess books can only be described as fantastic.  No opening junk or trash on how to make a master out of a 1400 in 2 weeks kind of stuff.  They publish a lot of biographies on players like Amos Burn, Arthur Kaufman, Julius Finn, WHK Pollack, Adolf Albin, Isaac Kashdan, Samuel Reshevsky, Frank Marshall, etc., etc.  They even have some books on chess fiction.
      Guys like Kaufman and Finn are really unknowns but were fascinating characters who graced the chess world of their day.  The books are a little pricey, but you get what you pay for.  For example, the book on Amos Burn costs $95 but it is 984 pages and contains 209 photos!  If I were buying chess books these days I could have easily spent a few hundred dollars.  Check them out.    MacFarland Publishing

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