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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lopsided Correspondence Team Match

     The Correspondence Chess League of America, the ICCF representative for US, started a 17 board, double round match against Lechenicher SchachServer back in April.  As of now the score stands at CCLA 3 vs. LSS 17, so LSS needs only a draw to win the match.  In view of the crushing (so far) defeat of the CCLA, I have to wonder if anybody at the CCLA, which does not permit engine use, was aware of the fact that LSS has no rules against it. It seems unlikely that CCLA members were aware of the fact and so are losing badly to the LSS engine users.  Not much for LSS to brag about!  This shows the futility of these inter-organization matches unless the rules are clear and the same for everybody.

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