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Monday, May 2, 2011

Dutch Defense – Krejcik Gambit

      I stopped by a local club for a brief visit last week and there was a young man sitting there reading an opening book who asked if I’d like to play a game.  I agreed to play a quick game and since there was a clock nearby we decided on G30 and because he wanted to record the game, I thought It wouldn’t be a bad idea if I did also.  When he played the Dutch, I made a spur of the moment decision to play what I thought was a totally new move, 3.g4, but later found out some unknown 2400 beat me to it!  In fact it has a name…the Krejcik Gambit and you can discover more about it at either Chess Tempo or ECO Chess.
       The worst part of playing the move was listening to the guy running his mouth in the post mortem about what a bad move it was.  I just wish I had known it had a name at the time so I could have nonchalantly said, “Oh, didn’t you know it’s the Krejcik Gambit?”  OK, it’s not real good, but if it’s THAT bad, why didn’t he refute it?  Actually I’m not really sure WHY he lost this game, but it seems that starting about move 9 he got infatuated with the idea of harassing my undefended B with his Q and N.  The result was the loss of a little time and getting his Q and N’s on not-so-good squares.  All I kept doing was playing aggressive moves attacking his K, and before he knew it, his position was untenable.

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