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Monday, June 13, 2011

Selected Endgame Lessons from Horowitz

New pdf booklet for download…50 pages of basic King and Pawn endings from I.A. Horowitz’ How to Win in the Chess Endings.  English Descriptive notation.  Don’t let the fact this is in EDN discourage you from studying this essential endgame material; a brief explanation of how to read it is included in the booklet.  Any reasonably intelligent player can learn it in 10 minutes…I learned it as a 10 year old kid, so how hard could it be?!


  1. Well... I must confess that EDN is, at least nowadays, discouraging for me when studying chess. I've found that famous book 500 Master Games of Chess for sale at a reasonably good price, but it's entirely written in EDN... I decided to wait until I'm acquainted with this notation (all my few books are algebraic).

    However, I'll give it a try, based on your advice, which I really find always useful and interesting.

    So, I've downloaded this ebook from Horowitz, and after a while I'll buy the 500 Master Games, from Tartakower to go on.

    I'm reading Michael Stean's Simple Chess, from Dover, and enjoying it a lot ! Dover books are cheap and very nice to read.

    Maybe this pdf booklet from Horowitz brings me some motivation to start reading games in EDN.

    Thanks a lot for posting and keeping your blog up to date.

    Cheers from Brasil.

  2. Descriptive notation was Fischer’s notation of choice! When I gave away most of my chess books a few months ago (about 100) 500 Master Games was one of about a dozen I kept. It’s a history of chess (up to the early 1950’s) and I like the way the games were divided by openings even if the individual lines are dated. Also the notes are short and to the point. Good book. I had Stean’s Simple Chess and thought it was well written. It reminded me of an early book that helped me a lot…Pachman’s classic Modern Chess Strategy.

  3. Yes ! I think that playing over the games in EDN is just a matter of, let´s say, habit. It must be a good exercise to translate it to algebraic, too. But both Tartakower´s and Pachman´s classics are for sale at a best price ( fortunately ). I´ll get a grip on them. I think that my chess library must be made of a few good books. Ah ! The Botvinnik 100 selected games is for sale, too !

    So, I´ll buy these precious gems and enjoy them ( of course with a cup of cappuccino ! ).

    Have a nice day, man !!!

  4. My 100 Selected Games had the cover worn off of it years ago! Same with Reshevsky's best games. I was overseas in the US military in the mid-1960's and didn't have any chess stuff...only Pachman's book so it got worn out, too.

  5. Can you list some good chess books from Dover Publishers ? I saw a lot of them for sale at a good price. For example : The Art Of The Middlegame ( Keres / Kotov ). Your suggestions are welcome ! Thanks