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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Problems with Komodo64 2.03JA

Taking the advice of reader Kirk, I downloaded the latest release of Komodo and had problems.  Something seems to be wrong with the evaluation function.  In the following position taken from the game in the previous post…

I got this display (after 3minutes and 26 seconds nothing had changed from the initial display):

30.Qe8 Kh7 (-21.93) 31.Qg8+  lead to the following display:
This makes no sense. White is giving away all his pieces in the second line so cannot possibly have the advantage. I decided play a 5 minute game against Houdini and Komodo caused the program to crash after about 30 seconds and in a standard Sicilian opening position Komodo showed White winning by nearly 5 P’s. 

Komodo ended up getting deleted from my computer and for the time being I will continue to use other engines because I have no idea what the poroblem could be. 


  1. Hi!

    I am running the new 32-bit version of the program withoutissues. I will check to see if others are having the same problem with the 64 one.

    Sorry about that.

  2. I tried this position with the 32-bit with no issues. I read that the previous releases had a couple bugs that were supposed to be fixed with .03 :-s

    Some testers are even finding this release stronger than Houdini!!



  3. Here is the FEN position I have:

    Is this correct?

    7k/4bQ2/5p1p/p7/3R1P2/P2P4/1rq4P/4R1K1 w - - 0 1

    New game - Rybka 3 1-cpu 32-bit

    Analysis by Rybka 3 1-cpu 32-bit:

    1. +- (#2): 1.Rd8+
    2. +- (#4): 1.Qe8+
    3. -+ (-4.85): 1.Re2

  4. I loaded the 32-bit version and it ran OK for 59 moves in a 5 minute game vs. Houdini then the program crashed. Could the problem be that Houdini (64-bit) uses 2 CPU’s and Komodo (32-bit) uses one CPU and hash tables are set at 565? I am running a Gateway laptop AMD Anthlon II X2 M300 with 4 GB of memory if that means anything. Not enough memory maybe? I don’t know much about computers.

  5. Hi! It could be. I have to admit my PC is a few years old already running 32-Vista lol

    I just have a duo-core as well and I have issues in Fritz if running more than one kibitzer with more than one CPU, so I often set them all to one "thread"

    It could be a CPU competition or there could still be an issue with Komodo as he has come out with a couple of patches already. I guess some things were simpler in the just the 16/32 bit days.

    I will keep looking! Good luck! Komodo is looking like a surprise!

  6. I forgot to mention the FEN has a P missing on g7 so there's no mate and the game probably will be a R&P ending that looks drawn to me.

  7. For what it is worth the Komodo 64 bit version is running just fine in my Shredder Classic GUI. (I don't use the fritz guis).

    But there has been some bugginess with this release of Komodo. In fact the engine has often had bugs. Many people really like it's evaluations but part of the problem is the developer does not use windows at all. He develops on Linux so he can't always address problems.

    I am going to use Komodo as an alternative opinion for analysis.

    I still won't use Houdini. My main engines are the latest releases of Shredder, Junior and Hiarcs.