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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Challengers to the Houdini Engine

       I’ve downloaded and have been experimenting with two new engines, Fire 1.5 xTreme and RobboLito 0.09 w32. I’ve haven’t done any serious testing against Houdini, just a bunch of blitz games  and both engines seem to perform on at least an equal level with Houdini.  So far RobboLito have a +1 score against Houdini and Fire is even while none of the games between Fire and RobboLito were decisive.  Of course blitz and slow games aren’t the same thing so further testing is needed.  Neither of these engines appear on any engine rating lists that I’ve seen.  Either I just haven’t seen such a list or they haven’t been tested for some reason.
       One thing I do not like about RobboLito is that you can only see the move it is currently considering (at least on the Fritz 12 interface).  i.e when you click on the “+” button to see more lines, nothing happens so the Fire engine is the more valuable of the two. Also, at least on my laptop, I need to use the 32-bit version of RobboLito to avoid crashes.  Here is a game played with a T/L of 30 moves in 15 minutes the 15/5.

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