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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is This a Record?

This must be some kind of record: A 1900+ opponent in a 10-minute game had a decent position and plenty of time left when he hung his Q then abandoned the game. My next opponent was rated over 1800 in another 10-minute game and he also had decent position with lots of time left when he hung his Q. He immediately resigned and challenged me to another game in which he promptly, you guessed it, hung his Q. That's three opponents in a row rated over 1800 that just up and blundered away their Q! Just to be safe I signed off after the third game; it might have been catching.

In case you're wondering if I ever do stuff like that, the answer is yes, and even worse. In a correspondence game with 7 days per move I reached the following position:

My opponent had played 38.Qc7-c6+ and instead of 38...Ke5, I played 38...Kd4 and after 39.Qc5+ I had to resign because an even worse fate than losing the Q  befalls me after 39... Ke4. Namely, 40. Rc4+ Bd4 41. Qxd4mate What caused this blunder? I don't know.

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