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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Missed Wins in the Ending

I missed a couple of wins in a recent online game. In the following position Black is nearly in Zugawang. All I have to do is run him out of P moves and he will be forced to play …Kd8 which loses the R.
Instead I played  32.Rf8+ which is still winning. After 32...Kb7 33.Rxa8 Kxa8 34.f4 Kxa7 we reached the following position:

Now I played 35.e5?? hurling away the advantage and it's no more than a draw. After 35.f5! gxf5 36.exf5 and the P will queen. From the diagram it’s easy enough to see that after 36.exf5 the P queens in 3 moves while the Black K is too far away from the queening square. In a few more moves we reached the following position:

The position is clearly drawn because neither K can abandon its watch on the enemy P’s. This was really upsetting because Black was outrated by 300 points.

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