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Thursday, December 2, 2010

GM Larry Evans

I haven’t mentioned Larry Evans, who as most of you know, passed away on November 17th, mostly because much has been written about him by others. Back before computers Evans wrote a very popular column for Chess Life where he answered readers’ questions. With the coming of the Internet and chess engines, his column became redundant but it was always one of my favorites.

How good a player was he? He could compete with the best in the world and back in the days when Fischer and Reshevsky were fighting it out to see who the top dog in US chess was, Evans was just a smidgen below them. Unfortunately, even though I witnessed several US Championships back in the days when they were round robins, Fischer and Evans were never playing and so I never met him.
I came across this tribute to Evans by FM Dennis Monokroussos, also on Chess Video TV. You’ll have to register to watch it, but that’s OK because if you aren’t already registered there, you should be.

Larry Evans Obituary

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