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Friday, May 14, 2010

Old Chess Books in pdf

I have added the following pdf books for downloading: Don’t let the fact that they are in the old English descriptive notation stop you! If you’re a chess player then you are smart enough to learn it in a few minutes. Back in my day I learned it as a 10 year old kid, so how hard can it be? Google Descriptive Notation Chess and find a site that explains it. The links are at the right.

San Remo 1930 with notes by Alekhine, Botvinnik, Nimzovich, et al

Alekhine’s Last Years and Nazi Collaboration Copies of Chess magazine pages from 1944-1946 discussing his war activities. Some pretty fascinating reading.

Madrid 1943 by Alekhine. Published in 1944. Don’t let the fact it’s in Spanish Descriptive notation stop you. With a little practice it’s easy to follow the games and notes.

Chess for Amateurs by Fred Reinfeld. One of his better books discussing chess with questions and answers. Old Fred got a bad rap for his books, but some of them were very good. It was only when he realized he could actually make more money writing junk than he could good books that his writing took a turn for the worse. Be that as it may, when in 1957 (I think) my parents were visiting Puerto Rico and my brother bought me a couple Reinfeld books. One was The Art of Attack and Counterattack (or something like that) and the other was a book of miniatures. The books themselves weren’t very good, but I actually learned quite a bit by just playing over and over the games in them.

Keres Best Games 1931-1948 by Fred Reinfeld and Dr. Reuben Fine. Classic games. Keres was a master of attack and these games are well worth playing over!


  1. Where are the download links? Thanks.

  2. They were originally available at 4Shared but I had so many problems with the site I quit using it. I have added the links to Dropbox and they are located in the right column down towards the bottom.

  3. So where are they? I want to download some of them but they aren't links?

  4. Due to a computer crash and changes in Dropbox the titles from this old post are no longer available, but I did add San Remo 1930 and Modern Ideas in Chess.