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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chess Hotel Review

I recently added this site where you can play realtime chess at the bottom of this blog. Chess Hotel was created by David Shore and Daniel Mendes and is new realtime chess site. Because this is new site apparently it has a lot of bugs. Of course it also has its fair share of jerks. Some comments:

* Some weird bugs on the site. Once I was about to checkmate someone, and then somehow he took control of my queen and a rook of mine disappeared. Really odd.
* This site if full of jerks that will abort out of a losing game to leave the other person sitting for 5 minutes plus to get their win.
* My opponent's clock says 0:00 and I'm up a queen and the server connection is lost and I lose?!?
* I've had many opponents that sit out the whole 10 minutes and never make a move.
* En passant not supported!
* Nobody play with G*UY. He is such a jerk leave u waiting for an hour so if u leave

I’m not surprised at the number of jerks on the site because Internet chess sites are crawling with them. Nor am I surprised that as new site that it would have its share of bugs. The most serious would appear to be the fact the en passant doesn’t work.

Be that as it may, I’ve logged in as a guest and played a few games without any trouble. The players didn’t appear especially strong, but it’s OK if you just want to play a quick 5 or 10 minute game and aren’t worried about the result or rating (which you won’t have as a guest anyway).

At this point I certainly wouldn’t take the site seriously but, like I said, if you want a quick game with no fuss, it’s OK. For serious games you would, of course, play on an established site.

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  1. chess hotel is the biggest piece of shit site i've ever seen. the creators should be ashamed of themselves for letting it go on.