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Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Recommended Sites

I was surfing the web today for interesting chess sites and/or material. I added links to free instructional material, most of which is good for beginners or teaching beginners. I also added Webmaster Frank’s site that I thought was kind of fun browsing and at the bottom of the page, Chess Hotel. You can just log in there and play a game online. The players aren’t as strong as you’ll find on Playchess, for example, but it still looks to be a pretty good site for a quick game. In addition I’ve added links to the following sites:

Chess Channel
has produced hundreds of webbased audio-visual lessons about chess openings, including classic videos and TV shows originally released by GM Video, and now digitally re-mastered for Chess Channel. To watch shows at Chess Channel, you will need to register an account and download Chess Channel viewer. You can use it to watch free, extensive excerpts from all the shows - and if you wish, you can use the viewer to watch full length videos with Chess Channel "Pay per View". Grand masters as Nigel Davies, Chris Ward and Julian Hodgson among others function as commentators.

Chess Publishing
has more than 5000 pages GM-analyses of different openings. Every opening is updated monthly

The Chess Portal
Links to all kinds of chess stuff!

Chess Teacher Lessons
Chess instructions and exercises available to improve chess skills. The lessons may be useful for Chess Teachers.

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