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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jeff Sarwer

Who, you ask?

I remember him as an obnoxious little brat who always rubbed people the wrong way. He disappeared off the face of the earth, but resurfaced a while back. I’m sorry I thought so badly of him because I never knew his story. Sleeping in cars, hustling in parks, no school…no wonder he was such a nasty little kid;  he was never taught any better. Sometimes you never know people’s story. His story is interesting…and a might sad.

He was born in 1978 in Canada and was a child prodigy. I know, these days every other kid that comes along rates the title, but US Master Allen Kaufmann said , "Jeff at nine is stronger than Bobby was at 11." And none other than Bruce Pandolfini said , "Of the several thousand kids I've taught, Jeff is certainly the most amazing young player I've ever seen."

His Story on Youtube Part 1
His Story on Youtube Part 2
Interview with Jennifer Shahade
He’s playing poker these days...view article

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