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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chesshere Site

Speaking of crappy sites to play chess on, this one has got to be the absolute worst! I won’t go into the history of the site, but when I started looking for server sites to play on a few years ago I tried this site out and it wasn’t very good then.

That was back when a fake GM Amir Bagheri was showing up all over Internet chess sites giving plagiarized and inane advice and never actually answering any serious questions. He got kicked off of at least two sites I know of before showing up on Chesshere where he successfully pulled of a takeover of the site. I know the guy was a fake because I exchanged some private e-mails with him when he asked me to be a site moderator. Apparently the fake Bagheri is either no longer involved with the site, has dropped the persona and adopted a new name, or sold it. Who knows?!

The site has more ads and annoying popups than any site I’ve ever seen! It makes you want to scream!!

I just checked out the site and recognized none of the names that were playing when I was there a few years ago. I also noticed their top CC players who also have realtime ratings have huge discrepancies. By that I mean, for example, the top rated realtime player is rated 2504 and his CC rating is a paltry 1379 with one win and 3 losses. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Of course all CC sites are riddled with engine users at the top, so that really means nothing. This could be a good site if it wasn't for all those stupid and annoying popups.

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