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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Some Interesting Chess Articles

The CCLA Server site has some articles that make interesting reading.

Chess on the Server-Unless you’ve been living in a mountain cave or on a remote island for the last twenty years, you already know advanced chess allows players to use chess engines to assist them in selecting moves in live games. Those who promote advanced chess apparently feel the need to justify it, even going so far as to claim advanced chess titles and ratings are comparable to titles and ratings awarded prior to 1980 (i.e., before computers). They shroud “centaur” chess in mystique...Read more

Humans Are On The Verge Of Losing One Of Their Last Big Advantages Over Computers-...it used to be that a human aided by a computer could still beat a computer by itself. Increasingly that's no longer so. Computers are getting so fast and good that humans still lose out despite the significant advantages a computer/human team ("centaur"). Read more

Choosing a chess engine-Three chess programs today dominate the scene, with new versions supplanting each other in the computer rating lists. Currently Komodo is leading, and conveniently is released as a brand-new ChessBase engine. But is it really the one that ambitious chess players should use (or switch to)? Read more

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