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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fritz 12 Activated

    I posted awhile back about my laptop crash and how the repair wiped out several programs including my favorite Fritz 12. I had the disk to reinstall the program but the activation code was lost when our house flooded in May. I sent an e-mail explaining what happened to Chessbase, who are notorious for their lack of customer support, and requested an activation code. Steffen Giehring replied that they would not supply me with a "free" Fritz and suggested I go on line and buy an updated version. I pointed out to him that it's not "free" because I paid for the program. I also advised him that I have Aquarium on my laptop and it works fine, so I don't really need to use Fritz, but it was my preferred analysis program. Of course Giehring never replied because he doesn't give a rat's butt.
     This morning I had an epiphany. We have an old, rarely used desktop computer downstairs that survived the flood that has Fritz 12 on it. I fired up Fritz and under options clicked on activate and guess what? There was the code I was looking for, so I was able to activate Fritz on my laptop.

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