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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Heinrich Wolf

     Austrian Heinrich Wolf was born on October 20th 1875. He died in December 1943 at the age of 68 years and 2 months old, a victim of the Nazis. Wolf was a much better player than he has ever received credit for.

1879 - tied for 5-7th in Berlin (Géza Maróczy won).
1900 - tied for 7-10th in Munich (the 12th DSB Congress, Maroczy, Carl Schlechter and Harry Pillsbury won).
1902 - tied for 5-7th in the Monte Carlo chess tournament (Maroczy won), tied for 5-6th in Hannover (13th DSB–Congress, Dawid Janowski won), and won, jointly with Janowski, in Vienna (Pentagonal). Hannover was his best result with (according to Chessmetrics) a performance rating of 2692. Wolf drew a match with Ossip Bernstein (+1 –1 =6).
1903 - took 7th in Monte Carlo (Siegbert Tarrasch won).

1904 - tied for 8-9th in Coburg (14th DSB–Congress, Curt von Bardeleben, Schlechter and Rudolf Swiderski won), and tied for 4-5th in Vienna (Schlechter won).
1905 - took 10th in Ostend (Maroczy won), tied for 7-10th in Barmen (Janowski and Maroczy won), and took 2nd, behind Schlechter, in Vienna.
1906 - tied for 6-7th in Nuremberg (15th DSB–Congress, Frank Marshall won).
1907 - tied for 9-11th in Vienna (Jacques Mieses won), and took 10th in the Carlsbad 1907 chess tournament (Akiba Rubinstein won). 1908, he tied for 9-12th in Düsseldorf (16th DSB–Congress, Marshall won). According to Chessmetrics Wolf's rating peaked this year at 2660 which placed him at #11 in the world.

1908 - Emanuel Lasker engaged Simon Alapin and Wolf as seconds (first introduction of seconds in world championship play) for the WCC match against Tarrasch, held in Düsseldorf and Munich.

After World War I, he tied for 6-7th at Piešťany (Pistyan) 1922 (Efim Bogoljubow won), tied for 8-10th at Teplice-Šanov (Teplitz-Schönau) 1922 (Richard Réti and Rudolf Spielmann won), and took 3rd at Vienna 1922 (Rubinstein won), took 14th in the Carlsbad 1923 chess tournament (Alexander Alekhine, Bogoljubov and Maroczy won), and tied for 12-13th at Maehrisch-Ostrau Ostrava 1923 (Emanuel Lasker won).

Once Rubinstein was winning against Wolf but then let him get back into the game before eventually winning. When asked why it happened, Rubinstein replied that against Wolf he won when he wanted to, not when Wolf wanted him to.

For a complete list of chess players who died in the Holocaust see HERE and HERE.

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