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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Amazon's Lack of Customer Service


My wife has been dealing with Amazon over a defective Kindle since August! I have no idea how many times they have exchanged e-mails and Amazon representatives have called her at home to 'discuss' the problem.
     In spite of the discussions, which actually have been having her repeat the problem over and over again along with the Amazon representative expressing sorrow over the problem and the solemn promise to resolve it, it seems nobody at Amazon has the desire or the authority to fix the problem. What's also exasperating is that after every e-mail or phone conversation she gets an e-mail from Amazon apologizing for the inconvenience and saying they hoped the issue has been resolved to her satisfaction.
     Her frustration in dealing with representatives lead to some detective work on her part. She tracked down the e-mail of the president of Amazon (Jeff Bezos) and sent him an e-mail detailing the problems she has had. On 12-10 she got an e-mail from somebody (not the president, but from yet another Amazon flunky) saying they would call her to discuss the problem and try resolve it...sounds familiar.  They never called.
     How many times do they have to discuss it? How hard is it to resolve a problem with a Kindle that quit working? You replace it. It seems like even an idiot could figure that out.
     Because their service is so poor, I was going to cancel my Amazon seller's account on my book review page...I don't make that much money on it anyway.  But guess what?  You can't cancel by signing in to your account and hitting a 'cancel my account button' or something...you have to notify them by phone or e-mail. 

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