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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Old Chess Magazines

     There are a lot of old chess magazines available for reading (or downloading) online at Chess Archaeology Library. Some can't be viewed but many can and not all issues are included. Great browsing for games and chess history. Note: games will be in Descriptive Notation, but don’t let that stop you; if you don’t know it, take 10 minutes and learn it.
     What makes these so fascinating is that you never know what kind of nuggets you are going to find and sometimes it’s just fun to step back in time and read about history as it was being made. Years ago when I was in the military and stationed at Camp Lejeune North Carolina I wandered over to the base library one Saturday afternoon and discovered a large pile of Life magazines dating from 1940 to the mid-1950’s. 
     I spent many weekends browsing them. Especially fascinating were the magazines during the years of WW2.  Remember, at the time they were written nobody knew the outcome! Maybe I am the only one who does it, but I almost always read movie credits as they scroll by at the end. I like to read the names of gaffers, grips, animal wranglers, drivers, lighting people…all that. I don’t know any of them and don’t know why I like to read the credits. I read a lot of history books and when names of the crew members of a ship that was lost at sea or names of those killed in battle are listed, I always read them. The same with chess history; the names and games of long forgotten players about whom I know nothing, makes interesting reading.

Magazines available: American Chess Bulletin 1904-1921, American Chess Journal 1876-1878, Journal, American Chess Magazine 1846, 1897-1898, American Chess Monthly 1892, American Chess Weekly, 1903, Brentano's Monthly two editions 1880, British Chess Magazine 1881-1922, British Chess Review 1853, Brooklyn Chess Chronicle 1882-1886, Brownson's Chess Journal, Ceské listy 1896, 1901-1903, Checkmate 1901-1903,Chess Amateur 1907-1908, Chess Monthly 1859-1896, Chess News 1916, Chess Player 1851-1853, Chess Player's Chronicle 1841-1889, Chess Player's Magazine 1863-1867, Chess Player's Quarterly Chronicle 1868-1874, Chess Player's Scrapbook 1907, Chess Weekly 1908-1909, Chess World 1865-1869,City of London Chess Magazine 1875-1876, Columbia Chess Chronicle 1887-1889, Corsair 1907, Deutsche Schachzeitung 1882-1922, Deutsches Wochenschach und Berliner Schachzeitung 1880-1902, Household Chess Magazine 1865, Huddersfield College Magazine 1873-1880, International Chess Magazine 1891, L'Échiquier d'Aix 1878-1884, L'Échiquier Journal D'Echecs 1889, L'eco degli Scacchi 1914-1916, L'Italia Scacchistica 1913, Lasker's Chess Magazine 1905, Magdeburger Schachzeitung 1849, Maryland Chess Review 1874, Neue Berliner Schachzeitung 1864-1871, New Zealand Chess Chronicle 1887, Nordisk Skaktidende 1873-1881,Nouvelle Régence 1860-1863, Nuova Rivista degli Scacchi 1875-1893, Oesterreichische Lesehalle 1881-1890, Oesterreichische Schachzeitung 1874, Pablo Morphy, El 1891, Le Palamède 1836-1847,Philidorian 1838, la Régence 1849-1851, al Revista de Ajedrez 1889, Rivista degli Scacchi 1859, Sachové Listy 1900, Schaakblad 1912, Schaakcourant 1908, Schachzeitung 1847-1870, Schweizerische Schachzeitung 1910,Sissa 1847-1874, Sonntags-Blätter für Schachfreunde 1861, Southern Counties Chess Journal 1893, Le Sphinx 1865, St. Patrick's Chess Club Pamphlet 1885, La Stratégie 1867-1868, Sussex Chess Magazine 1882, Süddeutsche Schachblätter 1907-1908, Tijdschrift van de Koninklijke Nederlandse Schaakbond 1893-1914, Westminster Chess Club Papers 1868-1878, Wiener Schach-Zeitung 1855-1907.

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