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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Fish Who Makes a Lemon Is Busted

The Students’ Olympiad 1967 by W. R. Hartston.

     This event was held in Harrachov, Czechoslovakia in July and Cambridge University provided two members of the English team. On board two I scored two wins, nine draws and one loss in soporific style while on board three R.D. Keene made the fine score of five wins, five draws and one loss. (Basman and Whiteley played on boards one and four respectively -Ed.) England had her best ever result in this tournament, finishing in third place behind the USSR and USA.
     These are the brief facts summarising the tournament, but they cover up a long tale of intrigue and bad chess. I shall restrict myself to discussing the intrigue. Before continuing, however, I must give a glossary of Americanisms that may appear in the following paragraphs. Since the Americans were one of the more interesting teams this is essential for understanding what follows. Firstly a ‘lemon’ is a blunder or a mistake; a ‘fish’ is a rabbit, i.e. a weak player; and finally ‘busted’ means having a lost position. Thus a fish who makes a lemon is busted...Read the rest of the article in Kingpin Magazine.

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