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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Grob Attack on Chess Hotel

     I had forgotten about Chess Hotel. On this free site you can play regular chess and chess960 in real time.
     I think my opponent in the following game was rated around 1400-1500 on the site and his play was not bad. I really like playing the Grob Attack in online games! It's always surprising how it often leaves even some pretty decent payers a little befuddled. None more so than my 1600+ rated opponent in an OTB event though. Play went 1.g4 Nf6? 2.g5 d5?? 3.gxf6 and at this point my opponent looked at the board for a while before asking me, “What did you do?” I replied, “I took your Knight.” “How?” he asked. After demonstrating how I did it, he looked at the board a few seconds then resigned.
     Looking over the game with an engine left me surprised because I didn’t realize how complicated things were getting around move 12 and the drastic drop in the engine’s evaluation of almost 0.00 to 2.5 P’s in white favor after his 15…f6 was surprising…I didn’t realize it was that bad. Then of course there’s the little matter of the missed mate in 25 at move 28!

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