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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Just a Real Time Server Game

Yesterday I played three server games at 15 minutes per side. I lost one to a 2300+ player who was ‘using.’ How do I know he was and engine user? All his moves were the engine’s first or second choice. In one of the other games my opponent was rated a hair under 1700 and must have read that chess is 99-percent tactics because he set up the Colle formation, sacrificed a P, then the exchange and then a B, all in the first 10 moves and left himself with a Q and N with which he attempted to conduct an ‘attack’ before disconnecting a few moves later. The other game was more interesting and the ending was quite funny. My opponent realized his game was lost so after his 29th move, being one of those dog pukes who simply disconnects when he’s losing, he disconnected instantly when I played 30.Ra7+ which blundered a whole R!

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