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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unknown Secrets to Becoming a Better Player

      The secret to improving your chess may have been discovered by a Dutch psychologist. According to a recent study by psychologists from the University of Twente in the Netherlands the secret is in bladder control!

      When you're exercising your ability to avoid peeing in your pants your brain's self-control mechanism is activated all over your body—including your brain. They found when you have a full bladder you exercise sharp thinking and make better decisions.
      Now all I have to do is combine that practice with what a strong OTB and CC player told me about how he finds his best moves in his CC games. He said he usually finds them while sitting on the toilet and going over the game on his pocket set.
      I wonder if it’s possible to combine the two techniques.  LINK


  1. So does this mean I should drink 4 Guiness pints before every OTB game, just to get the ol' bladder full??

    If so count me in!!

  2. Worth a try! There is a German Club near here that holds a lot of chess tournaments. One local master always has a bottle of beer sitting next to him and keeps bouncing around in his seat while pondering his moves. Maybe he’s known this secret for years.