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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don't Try This at Home

This 5-minute game game on chessdotcom features a defense (by me!) that's so bad it doesn't have a name.  I'm referring to the B sac on move 3 which looks like some of the sacs I've been hit with by lower rated players in blitz games.  They should never work, but I can see why such unsound sacs are popular because often it requires good defensive skill, something White was lacking in this game, to refute them. White was one of those guys who, when they are losing, disconnect.  I don't mind sitting there for two minutes watching their clock run down though. I take the win then block them just to make sure I never have to play them again. So far on chessdotcom I've blocked about a dozen or so players.  One because of his foul language. Anyway, I won't even think of playing this trash again.

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