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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Scotts Lawn Service

This isn’t a chess post. It has nothing to do with chess. I just vented my spleen at the above company over the phone but I still feel the need to tell somebody.

Scotts Lawn Service is a national company that advertises “It's not always easy to keep your lawn beautiful. That's why there's Scotts Lawn Service. We bring the expertise your lawn needs to be its best. And we make sure your lawn gets exactly the treatments it needs, exactly when it needs them. All season long.”

Because we have a woods and large field behind our house weeds are always a problem. In addition there’s something that looks like moss and ferns growing in the front yard. So when I got an advertisement in the mail for a FREE evaluation, a representative called me and set up an appointment to evaluate the problem, discuss treatment and pricing. The appointment was for two weeks ago. They did not show; nor did they call.

So backing out of my driveway this morning I saw a small sign in my front yard saying that it had been sprayed. There was also an envelope attached to my front door saying services performed were “mowing, watering and inspection.” Of course that was not a correct description of what was done. On the evaluation section it said “yard has some weeds.” That’s an evaluation?! I already knew I that…it was one of the reasons I called them in the first place. They had also applied some kind of spray to the entire yard.

The service person apparently had done this about 11:00 am. Both my wife and I were in the house at the time, but the person never bothered to knock on the door and let us know they were there.

Of course there was also a bill for $31.97! I immediately called them to complain and advise them I am not paying them for this unauthorized service and that in the future I do not want them on my property. What a way to run a business! If you live in the U.S. do not even think of using this company for lawn care!

Follow up: Couple of days later I got a bill in the mail (in addition to the one on the door) for 6 treatments throughout the year at $42 each (I was told on the phone there would be 4 at $32) plus $62 for grub treatment. The presence of grubs was not verified. I told the guy on the phone I might have grubs. So they wanted over $300 for a season's worth of "service" and that was in addition to the $32 they already billed me. At the risk of repeating myself, DO NOT USE THESE GUYS!

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