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Friday, April 9, 2010

Chess Blogs on Blogger

This morning I was browsing various Blogs that appear on Blogger...there are 50 pages of them! Many have been abandoned but many are actice. Of course I couldn't check them all out, but here are a few up-to-date Blogs that I did stop to look over so I thought I'd post them.

chess improvement After five years of constant and peripatetic email writing, I have finally landed. I plan to write about current and world affairs, economic and environmental sustainability, chess study and improvement, quantitative investing and trading, workplace issues, relationships, and spiritual transformation.
chessexpress A blog mainly devoted to chess.
The Chess Museum A blog about the chess activities of "Gilbert & Lange Chess," Thinkers' Press, inc. (imagination) and the commercial products I handle as well as recommendations and experienced opinions. Bob Long has been writing about these since 1985 and publishing them on the web from 1997-early 2009. I have started, once again
Lousy at Chess
Jewish Chess History A Blog about Chess in Palestine and Israel, from its inception to contemporary times
Chess in Education The Chess Academy Bringing Chess Into Education
My Chess Life

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