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Friday, February 12, 2016

Seven Pieces on the h-file

     I played a weird online game the other day against a guy rated in the mid-1600s where we had seven pieces on the h-file. Had I played a different move, the better one according to Komodo 8, we would have had every square on the h-file occupied by a piece. 
     My Q went off the board at move 20, but I had enough pieces that they could hold their own and at the end my opponent had a perpetual check (I think) but he disdained it and blundered away the game with his 38th move. 
     It wasn't until I went over this game with Stockfish and Komodo that I realized the complications were enormous. Taking that into consideration I think BOTH players did very well in this game. Aside from black's 38th move the engines didn't award either of us any double question marks. Kudos to both of us!

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  1. I remember a game played in England that had 8 pieces on the h-file at one point.