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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

An Unknown Gem By Reshevsky

     Reshevsky has long been my favorite player and I never miss a chance to play over his games. I played him a correspondence game once and met him several times and despite his reputation, found him to be a decent fellow away from the board. 
     In this little known game Reshevsky gets the better position out of the opening and when his opponent erred at move 19 and lost a Pawn he correctly began seeking complications. It was to no avail though because Reshevsky was equally adept at playing tactical chess. 
     Don't let the fact that there's only Qs and Rs on the board fool you...there's a lot of tactical stuff going on in this game that's very instructive. The game was played in the Metropolitan League Match in New York City in 1955 with Reshevsky playing for the Manhattan Chess Club and Franklin Howard playing for the Marshall Chess Club. 

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