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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Flashy Win by Jeremy Silman

     IM Jeremy Silman (born August 28, 1954) is well known as the author of over 35 chess books and over the board he has won the US Open, the American Open, and the National Open and was the coach of the US junior national chess team. 
     What generally isn't known is that, in addition to his chess books, Silman has co-authored a book on casino gambling, Zen and the Art of Casino Gaming: An Insider's Guide to a Successful Gambling Experience. He also served as a chess consultant on the 2001 film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, as well as television programs Monk and Malcolm in the Middle. He was also involved in Yamie Chess and does Asian movie reviews. Yamie Chess is a manufacturer and publisher of educational math toys and comics. For more on his participation in the Monk show see this article at Chessdotcom. Visit HERE for details on the Harry Potter movie.
     This game by Silman, who at the time was sporting an Expert rating (2000-2199), is an exciting slug fest from a tournament in La Mesa, California back in 1973. His opponent, a promising junior at the time, went on to become a strong correspondence player. He has been inactive in tournament play for many years.

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  1. After 35. Kg3 both Kings are in opposition, a feature you normally see in an endgame.