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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tahl vs Fischer 1959 Candidates Tournament

     Here's a game from the aforementioned book, The World's Greatest Chess Games. The game only scored 9 points (out of 15) in the voting, but I like it because of the amazing position reached after Tahl's 31. Na5. 
     Tahl made a rather surprising decision to try and outplay Fischer in a strategic battle. He played the Petrosian System which aims t stifle black's play and the way Fischer decided to meet it just didn't give him enough counterplay. Much to Tahl's surprise, Fischer grabbed a Pawn that Tahl's intuition told him was a bad idea and in an unclear position Fischer played a weak move that got him in serious trouble. The final position was truly unusual in that Fischer had no moves that offered even the slightest chance of resistance. 

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