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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bryntse Gambit Game

     I have posted on this gambit before and recently came across another game by one of its strongest adherents, the veteran ICCF Senior Master Wladyslaw Krol. In this game his opponent was FIDE IM Denis Ramboldoni (FIDE 2479). Krol won this game when his opponent lost on time in a completely won position. 
     Denis Rombaldoni (14 March 1989 ) is from Italy. Both of his parents, father Andrea and Hungarian mother, Brigitta Horvath Banki, are strong players. Rombaldoni started taking lessons at age 13 from GM Igor Efimov and in 2002 he won the International Festival of Montebelluna ahead of two GM's. He also won several youth titles. He was awarded the IM title as a result of his performance in January 2008 when he scored 6.5 – 2.5 in a tournament in the Medes Islands in Spain. 
     He practiced football (soccer to US readers) for nine years, also at a competitive level, being selected for the team of Fano Calcio , but then decided to quit to devote himself to chess and studies. His brother Axel (FIDE 2501) was awarded the GM title in 2013. 
     This gambit was invented in the 1960's by the Swedish correspondence player Arne Bryntse. In the 1960's and early 1970's Bryntse was a regular competitor in the Swedish correspondence chess championship, and he won the title in 1972. Krol has also championed the gambit in various forms, but it appears that it's simply not playable in games where engine use is involved. In any case this rather boring game shows how modern engine-assisted correspondence games are...lots of long drawn out games with moves that don't seem to make any sense and in the long run a slight advantage is very slowly increased to the point that it's overwhelming. I'm posting it here just because I enjoyed investigating the opening with Komodo and because it does appear that it would be interesting to play it OTB if one is inclined to try rare and risky gambits. I can see black getting into trouble against it.

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