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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Alekhine vs. Book

E.E. Book
     I remember the first time I saw this famous game in C.H.O'D. Alexander's book on Alekhine's final games (1938-1945) and the impression it made. Today I took another look at it and it's still impressive. 
    Eero Einar Böök (9 February 1910 – 7 January 1990) was a Finnish IM and engineer. He was a five-time Finnish champion who represented his country six times in the Chess Olympiads.  He was awarded the IM title in 1950 and became an honorary Grandmaster in 1984. His only significant international tournament victory was a tie for first place with Gösta Stoltz in the 1947 Nordic Championship in Helsinki. Perhaps his best tournament finish was sharing eleventh place in the Interzonal at Saltsjöbaden 1948. 
     Böök played many of the world's top players, and had a plus record against Miguel Najdorf (+1 −0 =2). He beat Max Euwe with the black pieces in Dubrovnik in 1950 and Paul Keres in the 1952 Helsinki Olympiad. Böök also wrote several chess books. 

Margate Standings: 
1. Alekhine 7.0 
2. Spielmann 6.0 
3. Petrov 5.5 
=4 Böök 5.0 
=4 Milner Barry 5.0 
6. Golombek 4.5 
7. Alexander 4.0 
8. Sergeant 3.5 
9. Menchik 3.0 
10. Thomas 1.5 

Download all the games HERE

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