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Friday, May 29, 2015

A Lesson From Mikenas

     I've posted on the Stonewall Attack before and suddenly remembered seeing a game by Mikenas where he played the Stonewall which I had examined and added quite a few notes on the opening but never posted the game. The game is, like the Botvinnik game below, a good lesson on how to use an advantage in space and the superior mobility of one's pieces to squeeze out a win by taking advantage of the opponent's weak Pawns.

    In the above position white has just played 24.Rxe2. Mikenas' play in the remainder of the game is a superb example of how to play such positions.  I decided to leave the rather extensive opening notes just in case anyone is interested in the Stonewall.  Note: this game was played in the Olympiad, not the tournament that followed immediately after.


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